July 24, 2013

This blog is now resident within the online magazine Ordinary Times.

Editor-in-Chief Erik Kain introduces the newly-revamped blog -- which looks really more of a net magazine, in my opinion. Not A Potted Plant is a category of posts within Ordinary Times. You'll be able to find posts from Vikram Bath, Will Truman, and I in the sub-category there.

But our posts will mingle with what were formerly front-page League of Ordinary Gentlemen posts, sometimes to be promoted to "posts of note" with the nice rotating picture, sometimes just appearing on a single page. Nothing is going to change in terms of content. There will still by Monday Trivia and Linky Friday.

It's adversaria: our sporadic comments about politics, culture, law, money, and whatever else strikes our fancy will not end for the foreseeable future. But the look, the functionality, and the integration with our fellow authors will be much better.

Some people want to just read stuff by one author. That is a grave mistake, in my opinion, since Ordinary Times has such an impressive cadre of impressive writers, so if you only read the one person you're friends with, you're really missing out on the wealth of ideas in circulation. But, if you insist, there is a link for the new version of Not A Potted Plant and particularized links for just Burt Likko, Will Truman, and Vikram Bath's articles. This blog will remain as an archive of our past work, to be periodically updated from time to time.

Please enjoy our new Ordinary Times!

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