October 20, 2010

Break Up The Ninth!

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has long been a bête noire of social conservatives. And a look at recent history certainly illustrates why that should be the case. Those whacko, out-of-control, liberal activist judges on the Ninth Circuit just plain have to get reined in before they utterly destroy American democracy and all that is decent.

First, they said that the Pledge of Allegiance, including the phrase "Under God," is Constitutional and public schools can require kids to recite it.

Then, they stayed an order that would have allowed gay marriage in California.

And today, they stayed another order that would have required the military to permit gays and lesbians to openly serve.

Stephen Reinhardt is still Stephen Reinhardt, and Alex Kozinski still defies easy classification, but it's time to call it like it is:  as to the issues that matter most to people concerned about Constitutional, social, or cultural issues, the Ninth Circuit has become a generally favorable forum for socially conservative points of view.

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