July 10, 2010

Martini Mistress

Yesterday, I met an old friend for a few drinks after work.  I've been so conditioned by the poor quality of drinkmaking around that this exchange with the bartender left me profoundly pleased:

"I'd like a Ketel One martini."

"How do you like it?"

"Clean, up, with a twist."

"You got it, Mr. Bond."

And it was perfect.  Tart and refreshingly bitter, not at all sweet, and icy cold.

I've had bartenders ask me if I wanted my martini on the rocks.  I've had them just give me the martini on the rocks, in a highball glass.  I've had them come out looking green.  "No olive" gets translated into "extra olives" too often.

It was great to get the right martini -- and to have the bartender know that a vodka martini with a twist was James Bond's drink from the books.


Anonymous said...
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Rob Osterman said...

And here I reveal that I only know "shaken, not stirred". Which is what I say a lot when somoene asks how I am after a harrowing experience....