June 2, 2010

Budgeting Toy

Thanks to Ordinary Gentleman Mark Thompson, I can provide you with a link to a toy that lets you try to cut the Federal budget.  It turns out to be a good deal more difficult that it might seem.  Here's a hint, though -- you can't have any sacred cows.  And you've got to approach the task with the overriding policy goal of reducing debt.  Here are my results, with real policy choices I would really make if I were really President:

Note, also, that I include about equal amounts of revenue increases (I don't increase taxes outright, but it would sure feel that way to most of you and I do allow the Bush tax cuts to expire) and spending cuts, including tightening up on SSI and significantly paring back our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Did I say I'd make those kinds of choices if I were President?  Yes, but given our current political environment, I'd probably be a one-termer; I could only get all this enacted if I were the King instead.  Of course, we don't have one of those...

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