April 20, 2010

How 420 Got Its Start

Although I don't actually like the stuff very much personally, I think it's long, long past time to legalize it -- and I've never quite understood why pot smokers place such mystical significance in the number 420.  The Waldos' story is as likely as anything else, I suppose.  I'm just disappointed that the marijuana legalization initiative will likely be called Proposition 19 instead of allowing me to become a "Californian For 20."  Come on, Legislature, we need another bond measure or something on November's ballot! 

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bobvis said...

I'm interested for mostly selfish reasons. I want to know whether it actually works or not. Does violent climb plummet as we tend to suspect? Or does society collapse as has long been postulated by those fighting the drug war? I'd actually prefer that a state like California make itself the test case so we can compare the effects there to the rest of the country.

(Hi, TL.)