March 30, 2010

Random Thought About Demographics

Kentucky and Modesto -- powerful symbols of the nation we have become.

It's interesting to note that the country the Framers were trying to govern was very rural, very thinly populated, and very difficult to spread news through efficiently.  In those senses, our 300,000,000-strong nation, evenly-split between rural and urban (and with a much greater than historical population density defining "rural" to boot), wired with telephones, television, and the internet, is a very different nation than the one that existed in 1790.  In other senses, though, we are still much the same in our desire for individual freedoms and insistence that "we the people" are sovereign rather than our leaders.

But the question is not how the Framers would govern a nation such as ours.  The Framers made their choices, choices that made sense to them at their time, with the facts of life that they confronted.  The question is how will we govern ourselves now.

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