November 19, 2009

Senator Giuliani

So it appears that Rudy! Giuliani will run for Senate in 2010 and not Governor of New York.  This, I think, is not a good use of his skill set.  Rudy! is an executive; he has no experience in a deliberative body, no experience with the give-and-take logrolling that is inherently a part of legislative compromising.  I understand a desire to not be in Albany -- the New York Legislature is thoroughly controlled by someone who isn't Rudy! and there's no practical way to break in to that.

The Senate is, ultimately, a poor proving ground for grooming future Presidents.  It's not a partisan issue -- it's that the skill sets necessary for success in the Presidency are different than the skill sets necessary for success in the Legislature.  If Rudy! is thinking the Senate is a fine coda for his career, then fine.  But I can't believe he isn't thinking about challenging Obama in 2012.  Rudy! has charisma and is very smart, but his personality is ill-suited for the job.

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