October 17, 2009

All Kinds Of Teh Crazee

For your bemusement on a Saturday, and because you're probably tired  by now of Meghan McCain's breasts and wondering whether the saga of Balloon Boy was a hoax, I offer a smörgåsbord of internet-based bizarreness:

Lady Gaga is really the Illuminati flaunting their control over you.

At last! "Scientific" demonstration of Jesus' divinity, proven by the fact that God exists.  (Why hadn't that ever occurred to me?  Oh, that's right, it's because I've avoided falling into the intellectual rabbit-hole of Platonic meta-idealism.)

Condoleeza Rice shatters the stereotype.

Behold, The Future!  Here is what life will be like in the distant year of 2010!  Wait, that's not the future, it's right now.  Only back then it was the future.  Oh, this is getting confusing....

Equally paradoxical, this bordello gives you a discount if you come on a bicycle.  I know, I shouldn't work blue because kids could read this.  But if you get the double entendre, it wasn't me that polluted your mind.

And finally, a challenge for armchair archaeologists:  separate the hoaxes from real artifacts!  Hint: consider historical patterns of climate change.

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