September 21, 2009

Yes I'm Back

I hope everyone at least found something serious to consider -- maybe agree with, maybe not -- in last week's round of topics.  For the most part I stayed away from the blog but accomplished less personal writing than I'd originally intended.  Part of that was caused by heavy work, part of it by term papers in my class being due, and part of it was a lack of discipline on my part.  But, I'm back on my regular schedule now, for better or for worse.

I'm sure my Reader will be much relieved. 

And I come back and find all sorts of good new features in Blogger, most notably including jumps.  The page should load faster now, and it should be easier for you if you want to skip something that doesn't look interesting to you.  I, however, will continue to write exactly what I please -- and hope that you will take the time to jump to the full posts.

If there are technical problems with the jumps, please let me know.  I've not had any myself but your results may vary.

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