May 1, 2007

The Sad Story of Reggie the Alligator

Two fools tried to raise an alligator in their back yard in San Pedro. When the gator grew too large to keep in their pool, they dumped him in a lake down in Harbor City.

After scaring the piss out of local residents for several weeks, the city hired a Katrina refugee and a team of alligator farmers from Florida to capture the beast and take him to the zoo. I guess Los Angeles County Animal Control is not equipped for dealing with alligators. The gator-hunters promptly had a falling-out of such epic proportions that the job didn’t get done.

Then, “Reggie the Alligator” disappeared, for more than a year. Now, it looks like he’s back. The two fools who tried to raise him in their back yard have been found and dealt with through the criminal justice system. Hopefully, the creature can be caught and put in a safer and more appropriate location than some nasty urban “lake” filled with who knows what kind of bizarre runoff from the city – and out of the way of little kids and household pets that might otherwise have become tasty gator snacks.

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