May 4, 2007

GOP Debate

At Oval Office 2008, I offer an objective assessment of the candidate forum last night at the Ronald Reagan Library. As you might expect, I was rooting for my candidate, but even so I have to assess that there was no clear standout. I thought it might be interesting to take a survey of some major media outlets covering the event, and how they headlined it:

ABC: Republican Field Running to Reagan and Away From Bush
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Giuliani alone on Roe v. Wade at GOP debate
Associated Press: GOP Contenders Embrace Reagan Legacy (AP feed led to a newspaper in Joplin, Missouri)
Boston Globe: Republican candidates show their differences
CBS: GOP Hopefuls Evoke Reagan At Debate
Chicago Sun-Times: Issues Divide, Reagan Unites (note: debate coverage was difficult to locate; political news in Chicago was on a purported slumlord who contributes lavishly to Barack Obama)
CNN: Debating in Reagan's Shadow, Giuliani Bucks GOP Field
Dallas Morning News: GOP hopefuls focus on their credentials (note: debate coverage was difficult to locate and was reprint of AP coverage)
Faux News: Abortion Divisive Issue at Debate
Knoxville News-Sentinel: No coverage apparent
Los Angeles Fish Wrapper: Differences emerge as Republicans debate
Miami Herald: GOP debate focuses on Iraq war, abortion
MSNBC: Giuliani's Gamble: Former NYC calculating libertarian stance may not be a liability
New York Daily News: GOP Hopefuls Duke It Out: Rudy gets wobbly on abortion views
New York Times: "...a debate that highlighted a party in flux..."
NPR: Republicans Debate In Reagan Country
Philadelphia Inquirer: No coverage apparent
Reuters: 2008 Republicans back war
San Francisco Chronicle: GOP hopefuls gather under Reagan mantle
Washington Post: GOP Field United On War, Divided On Social Issues

If you're a junkie, you'll have watched the debate already and can discuss it at Oval Office 2008.
Here, I think it's interesting to note that about all the media found of interest to report on were the frequent references to Ronald Reagan, and Rudy Giuliani's attempts to articulate a nuanced stance on abortion.


zzi said...

"It would be OK to repeal," said Giuliani,

I thought the term was overturn. Please enlighten. In less than 2500 words ;-)

Transplanted Lawyer said...

Easy. You're correct; Giuliani should have said "overturn."