January 7, 2006


It's a nine-square by nine-square grid. The grid is subdivided into nine three-by-three grids. Each column has the numbers 1-9, with no repeats (only one "2", only one "4", and so on). Each row has the numbers 1-9. Each three-by-three grid has the numbers 1-9. You do not need to guess what number goes where; logic and the process of elimination are sufficient to figure it out. But it's maddeningly challenging and addictive. I like the website above (and I've added the link to the sidebar) because you can check as you go to see if you've made a mistake. Enjoy!


KristinW said...

If you like web sudoku, I think you'll really like Fiendish Sudoku.

Unlike web sudoku, Fiendish Sudoku has hand-designed puzzle layouts. Plus Fiendish Sudoku can give hints and step-by-step solutions. It also has a choice of three grid sizes, nice if you have a high-res display.

- KristinW

dc editor said...

Beware! Sudoku is like crack. First it's regular sudoku, then sudoku on the web, then samurai sudoku, then nonomino sudoku. I'm too far gone already, but save yourself before it's too late!

Embarrassing revelation: I'm entering a sudoku tournament next week.