January 9, 2006

Live, From The Greatest Econo Lodge In West Tennessee, It's... TL Without A Tie!

I write on a guest connection from an Econo Lodge in Paris, Tennessee. Technically, this is West Tennessee because I am to the west of the north-flowing Tennessee River. I drove out here today with the Great Man -- finagling doing most of the driving myself -- while he edited his book-in-progress, "Aging Is A Choice." We're getting along quite well and had a long discussion about the "free-radical" theory of aging.

My skeptic friends back in California would be disgusted with this, but hey, we're talking survival here and I never said I agreed with any of the alternative medicine crap. The Great Man wants to write a good book, and I'm giving him my honest feedback about it. Honest feedback makes better writing. I also got a call from TFDFA, who has some suggestions about my idea of forming an appellate-law boutique.

I'm tired and I miss The Wife. I would dearly love to be back with her now instead of here. I miss the critters. I miss La Casita Knoxvilla. But tomorrow is a series of important depositions and I need to be alert. I have to attend to my classes now, after preparing the client for his deposition, and hopefully get to sleep.

More about my sleep issues to come in a later post. For now, I get to fret about forgetting to pack a tie to wear with my suit tomorrow. A quick run to Wal-Mart sounds like it's in the works.

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