June 11, 2007

Focus, People!

Well, you're a bunch of multitaskers, according to last week's poll. I guess that's just how work is these days.

Me, I try to focus on one thing at a time, but that's often impossible. I don't multitask very well; I tend to lose efficiency and focus when I'm distracted and having multiple things to do at once, as opposed to in sequence, bums me out. I need to learn to use the "Do Not Disturb" button on my phone more often, but of course I won't do that. Particularly after the incident where I got a knock on my door with the comment, "TL, your phone was on 'Do Not Disturb' and the door to your office was shut, but we have a phone call for you!"


zzi said...

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Salsola said...

I feel your pain.