June 15, 2007

The Desert Landscape

A few days ago I noticed, for the first time, that there were plans in place to build a new city by Quail Lake. So here is a shot I took today of Quail Lake while driving back from a court appearance in Stinking Bakersfield, to place that in context:

This is what everything to the east of the lake looks like right now:

You can see why the prospect of simply building a city out of so much raw sagebrush and the occasional onion field seems so daunting. And while I was downloading pictures from my cell phone, this is a shot I took on my last trip up to Stinking Bakersfield, of the Tehachipi wind farm that I can see on clear days:

So for those of you Loyal Readers who don't know from the Antelope Valley (surprisingly few of you as it turns out), that's what it looks like up here.

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Arnie said...

I get homesick for the desert a few days each year. It is pretty out near Quail Lake, and the prospect of civilization out there seems not too bad at first blush. One must hope, though, that it will be done a little more room between the houses and with something a little more appealing than the current trend of closely pack McMansions.