August 10, 2009

Why The Daily Show Has Become A Trusted Name In News And Political Discourse

In a word, it's because even though the host and his writers are all overtly liberal-with-libertarian leanings, if you go on the show, you get a fair chance to express yourself in your own words.

Yes, it's a comedy show and not a "real" news or public policy show. But then again, if you go on one of those, you are at risk of being shouted down by the host or the "opposing point of view" talking head who had been recruited by the produces for the exact purpose of shouting polarizing slogans at you in the name of "balance."

So even if you're a right-winger, you know that on the Daily Show, while it may be a hostile environment, you'll have a chance -- if you're good enough -- to make your pitch not only to the studio audience but to the camera and the audience watching at home. You won't be interrupted (much).

And you'll be reaching a larger -- and younger -- audience than the "real" news and policy shows could even (reasonably) pray for.

Some right-wingers have done very well for themselves on the Daily Show. Mike Huckabee, for instance, went on and proved himself to be a compassionate, intelligent, and well-humored man. He didn't have to compromise his beliefs or his ideology at all by doing it, and no one thought he was any less conservative for having gone on the Daily Show. His Presidential campaign probably was boosted significantly by the exposure he got.

It's a sign of how far our political life has degenerated that in order to have a reasonable shot at discussing of political policy, you've got to go on a comedy program.Stumble Upon Toolbar


Left Coast Rebel said...

Ron Paul, if I'm not mistaken, did quite well too. I may however, be thinking of Maher. Great post.

DaveBuck said...

Thanks for pointing to that Daily Intel post on Stewart too. Good read; yours and it.

I'll soon be getting to watch the Daily Show (and Colbert Report too) on the big TV ... once I get my new cable that lets me hook my computer to the flatscreen in the family room! That's one thing that sucks about switching to basic cable.

Transplanted Lawyer said...

LCR, I think Ron Paul is a natural for the Daily Show. Somehow he's positioned himself to be the coolest 71-year-old Republican politician out there.

Dave, enjoy the big TV! I'm jealous.

Libertarian Advocate said...

I'll bet you Cicciolina would have been well received on any of the current comedy political shows as well, well except for Keith Nottoobright's pathetic excuse of a Bammer lap-dog propaganda spew.

Libertarian Advocate said...

I take that back... She'd do beautifully on Overbite's show. Here's an excerpt from her Wiki bio:

Political career

In 1979 Staller was presented as a candidate to the Italian Parliament from the "Lista del Sole," Italy's first Green Party. In 1985 she switched to the Partito Radicale, campaigning against nuclear energy and NATO membership, for human rights, and against world hunger. She was elected to the Italian parliament in 1987, with 20,000 votes. While in office, before outset of the Gulf War she offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein if he would release his foreign hostages.[4] She was not reelected at the end of her term in 1991.

In 1991, Staller was among the founders of the political movement Partito dell'Amore (Love Party), spearheaded by her friend and fellow porn star Moana Pozzi. She continues to be active in politics.

Transplanted Lawyer said...

Solo in Italia! Ironically enough, the phrase to describe something that over-the-top in Italian is "americanate."

zzi said...

'cause of their 16 writers?