August 6, 2009

The National Debt Road Trip Video

Let's say that deficit spending is like speeding while driving. You shouldn't be doing it at all, but sometimes maybe you just can't help yourself.

George W. Bush was a leadfoot. So was Ronald Reagan and George Bush the Elder and Wiser. But in fact, if we're going to compare deficit spending to speeding, the we would be saying that George W. Bush blew through a stop sign at 63 miles an hour. That's bad. But not nearly as bad as Barack Obama, who is on pace to get at a supra-autobahn speed of 173:

So if deficit spending is like speeding, where's the cop who's going to pull this maniac off the road before he wipes out and really hurts somebody? That would be you, ladies and gentlemen, when you vote.

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1 comment:

Michael Reynolds said...

Mr. Obama's speeding in his ambulance on his way to the ten car pile-up Mr. Bush caused by running that stop sign.