July 6, 2009

Must Have Been Quite A Party

On the morning of July 4th, I got up as I usually do and let the dogs out to do their business. Only they both ran straight for the wall of the back yard, the one that adjoins the street. They both made a beeline for the same spot, tails wagging, and then their tails stopped wagging as they smelled something.

"Okay, what's this, now?" I thought. I didn't want them eating a dead bird or a beer can or something like that. Only it wasn't those things. It was a single shoe. A woman's chunky high-heeled shoe, made or covered with purple suede. It looked a lot like the specimen to the left.

I grabbed it from the dogs and got them back in the house. Then I kind of forgot about it because The Wife and I were having a nice morning outside. She went in to get a cup of coffee and said someone was knocking on the door and because I have less modesty about that sort of thing, she wanted me to answer it.

An attractive young lady, maybe 21 years old, was there. She was not wearing any makeup and had on casual clothes, but I got the idea that when she put some attention into her appearance, she probably turned some heads. "Excuse me. I know this sounds weird, but I think my shoe got thrown in your yard last night."

"I've got it right here. I rescued it from my dogs, they're, um, aggressive chewers. Hang on." I gave the girl her shoe back, and she was happy.

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