July 8, 2009

Local News Team Denied Action Coverage

A local TV reporter in Cleveland wanted to get coverage of an interesting local story. Only by the time the news van got there, the opportunity was gone. But no worries - the reporter and cameraman team found a solution. Of sorts. You have to see this to believe it.

Hat tip to Volokh, who got it from startup blogger Jillian.


Libertarian Advocate said...

Wow.... that was really funny. nothing like a slow news day. Gotta wonder who the poor schlemiel was who was tasked with making the bear cut-out "run" away. That would certainly be a low point in any journalist's career.

DaveBuck said...

That was fun. I'm imagining how they must have felt as they allowed themselves to be more creative once they green-lighted the fake bear.

Does a bear scat in the woods?

The rabbit was a brilliant touch.