March 5, 2009

A Promising Sign From A Bland Review

The Gray Lady reviewer didn't really like Watchmen, but it said this about the movie:
the ideal viewer -- or reviewer, as the case may be -- of the "Watchmen" movie would probably be a mid-'80's college sophomore with a smattering of Nietzsche, an extensive record collection and a comic-book nerd for a roomate.

Which, with some minor variances, is me.

The description demonstrates that the reviewer for the Gray Lady was not any such thing. If he were, he would have remembered that in the mid-eighties, we college sophomores had extensive collections of cassette tapes, not records.

And I was a college sophomore in what would probably be called the late eighties rather than the mid-eighties (when does the "mid" period of a decade begin and end, anyway?). But the difference between mid-eighties and late-eighties for purposes of cultural appreciation of Watchmen is minimal; when I read what my comic-book nerd roommate had left laying around, there was still a Soviet Union and every possible threat of nuclear war. And no Dr. Manhattan to rescue us if there was one.

Well, I'm looking forward to the movie Saturday morning even if the reviews are lukewarm.

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Becky said...

Oh, I guess it's safe to finally break out my comic book collection and my multiple copies of my Thriller cassette tapes. I'm bad.