February 12, 2009

What Ho!

Do my ears and eyes deceive me? Or did Jon Stewart do nearly seven minutes of riffing on President Obama on The Daily Show? Yes! Yes, he did! He mocked the Cabinet appointees, Obama's halting performance during his press conference, and the media's continuing fawning sycopathy for him in a segment called Clusterf#@k to the Poor House. And a swipe at the Huffington Post ("What? That guy's just gonna link to the New York Times' question!") made it complete.

And then there were the best questions:
  • Are we laying the foundations for long-term economic growth?
  • Have we stablized the housing market?
  • Are we creating four million jobs?
  • How do we operate more prudently?
  • Are we sure we want to make that kind of an investment?
  • Why should the Federal government be involved in school construction?
But no answers. And that's no joke.

1 comment:

Whit said...

Someone left the flood gates open for him to do that.