February 12, 2009

Not The Cabinet You Want

Citing what amounts to irreconcilable differences on the stimulus bill, Senator Judd Gregg has withdrawn his nomination to be President Obama's Commerce Secretary. This is more of a relief than a surprise, although the President is likely feeling stabbed in the back a little bit here.

I always had kind of a good opinion of Gregg as someone with some fiscal sense and an imperfect but not nearly as bad as some other GOP'ers on earmarking and pork, as well as someone who is socially and environmentally moderate. I didn't think he'd be a good fit for Obama's cabinet and I'm happy to see him staying in the Senate.

By the way, the President has made good on his promise to appoint a Republican to his Cabinet. Roy LaHood was once a Republican congressman from Illinois (and indeed, presided over the House on the day it impeached Bill Clinton), and is now serving as Secretary of Transportation.

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